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H2FLO's Valve Is Catered Towards Any Business and Home!

Residential Homes

Our water valve is tailored to fit every home, it comes in a 3/4" size with a 1" adaptor. Our valve can reduce your home's water consumption up to 40%.

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Water bills make up approximately 23% of a hotels monthly costs. Our valve can reduce a hotels water bill up to 30%.


Professional stadiums in the United States use thousands of gallons every game between dining, landscaping, cooling, and other applications. Our valve can help reduce your stadium's water bill by up to 30%.

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Typical water use per capita in hospitals ranges from 40 gallons per day to 350 gallons per day. Hospitals made up 7% of the total commercial and institutional water use in the United States. 

Car Washes

Automatic car washes can use up to 120 gallons of water per vehicle, sometimes even more depending on the car wash!

Car Wash
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Offices use about 20 gallons of water per employee per day. This is a significant amount of water depending on the office size!

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