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It Is Time To Stop Paying For Air

More Water, Save Smarter

Why H2FLO?

Lower Your Monthly Expenses

By compressing the air pockets in your water line and only paying for the water you consume, you will avoid any undesired charges. Save up to 40% on your water consumption.

Reduce Your Water Wastage

Our valve will slightly reduce your water pressure. This can lead to a 6-9% decrease in your water wastage.


Our valve helps your home and business maintain a steady airflow enhancing the accuracy of your water meter allowing for better cost projections.

Plumbing Components

Our  valve helps maintain a steady airflow. Prolonging the useful life of your businesses’ and homes plumbing components. By installing our valves, you can save money on costly repairs and replacements, and keep your operations running smoothly.


How Our Valve Works?

Traditional water meters measure water consumption based on volume. Unfortunately these water meters cannot distinguish between water and air. Water flowing into your business or home contains a great percentage of air which you are paying for. Our valve compresses the amount of air flowing through the pipelines so that you pay for water and not air!


Revolutionary Technology

Happy Woman

Our Mission

Introduce the valve to market, as an innovative solution to reduce consumers’ overall water consumption and decrease the proportion of their water bill attributed to airflow.

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